What is Trade Assurance?

Trade Assurance is the protection we ensure we manage for every trade on the avantetrade.com platform. Avante Trade ensures sellers are vetted with the necessary certifications and description of products advertised on our platform. Buyers can therefore be assured of the quality, Prices and Credibility of our sellers.

How it works


Quality Assurance

Seller Credibilty

Secured Payment

Success Stories

Shipment arrive on time and exceeded our expectations. The perishable products where stored appropriately with no loss.
Manager Costco USA
The delivery of our cotton seed order arrived a day earlier than the agreed date. This meant we were ahead of product delivery to our local suppliers.
CEO, Tesco UK


This is free for buyers but sellers depending on their membership plan pay within $50 to $200.

Payment can be made with a debit card, bank transfer or Online Bank Payments.

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